Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flying Pig Marathon

A long time before Cincinnati was also called 'Porkopolis'. This named was coined in the late 1830s when Cincinnati served as country's chief hog packaging center. Over time, Cincinnati has acquired a lot other nicknames as well like 'Queen city of the West', 'City of Seven Hills'. But, because of the historical importance of the pig industry to the city, one of the prominent local event named after this history is the Flying Pig Marathon. This marathon is held every year during the first week of May.

I decided to take up the challenge this year along with some wonderful friends of mine. We did the 5K walk/run this year - it was indeed a lot of fun. What I loved about this marathon is the energy the crowd brings and the good cause the race is held for.

While I am still sore from the pain and stress my body had from the run, I will be looking forward for this event the coming years as well, long after my memories of this pain and soreness have subsided and left with just pride :)

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